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All Aboard! The Batec!!!

Dear Ya'll,

I fully admit it. I have a need for speed, quoting the movie Top Gun, and what I like to call... Adventurous Independence! Luckily, I've met my match with an awesome new adaptive product from Batec Mobility. It is definitely worth buying, and then bragging about to everyone you know!

I had a funny experience once. OK, more than once, but here's the one relevant for this post: A couple years back, I decided to go bike-riding with some friends on the boardwalk of Santa Monica, CA. They rented some trusty bikes and I brought my shiny-green-previously-owned handcycle. It was one of those times since getting paralyzed when I was doing something I thought I'd never be able to do again... cycling with my friends! We were immersed in the beautiful day and decided to keep riding all the way to Venice Beach. Once there, we were hungry and wanted to grab some food and drinks before heading back. Sounds great, right? Wait. "Um, guys, I don't have my wheelchair!" A sudden comical revelation to all of us as it wasn't that long since we had left it in the parking lot. Did that stop me from our grub plan? No, of course not! Into the beachside cafe we went. But I learned something: It's an impossible feat to steer a recumbent hand-cycle (a turning radius of about a square mile) into a tiny restaurant (area of about a square inch) and go unnoticed. Not that I'm afraid to turn all heads in the room (a.k.a. curiosity whiplash), but sometimes a more subdued "yes, I'm in a wheelchair, but I still blend in" entrance suits the mood a bit more, ya know?

If only I had a Batec that day! It's a portable device I can attach to my chair easily which gives me great speed and an ability to go off-roading smoothly. But the coolest part is, once I'm at my destination, I can detach the Batec, lock it up like a bike, and use my own chair to "just be me" again. Or I can keep it attached, and still get around easily indoors as the turning radius is very manageable!

Check out this video to learn about other cool features and watch me using the Batec-Electric for the first time!

But wait, there's more!

If you have a few friends in wheelchairs (or some fakers) who will be willing to help you live out your dream of being a train conductor (can't be just me!)...the Batec-Electric is perfect for that too! Watch my moment of glory below kickin' it at the Abilities Expo 2015 (Note: Objects in video are faster than they appear.)

Oh yes, and of course good things come to those who wait in the USA... Though the Batec is already making waves in Europe, it is currently getting FDA approval and will be available early next year for purchase from Living Spinal, the sole distributor for Batec Mobility products in the USA. Get more information or place your pre-order now!



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