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A First Time For Everything!

Dear Everyone!

Whew, with great anticipated excitement I'm pleased to announce my brand spanking new blog! And my first blog entry ever! Ever, ever! Of course there are many blogs out there, so let me explain what mine is all about and why I absolutely had to do this. One of the most interesting and best things to come from my experience on the show Push Girls is witnessing the dialog it has stimulated within a differently-abled community and the educational aspects put forth for those unfamiliar with such a community. People are talking and sharing with messages of hope, education, and a kind of word-of-mouth marketing that has developed deeper connection and a stronger camaraderie.

I would love to foster more of that conversation, be a part of it, and share with others what I've found helpful in my own journey on many different levels. I am always amazed at the new advice, insights, adaptive products and services out there which are definitely worth the hype but don't get a deserved spotlight. My goal is to seek out those products, interests and topics and give a first hand viewpoint to set more dialog and awareness in motion. My style may not always be a “formal” review of a product, or a “conventional” insight you'll agree with, but I CAN guarantee an honest and straight-from-the-heart approach that will keep the ball, or wheels, rolling...(and of course, with silly puns thrown in at times).

Thanks for joining me on this fun new adventure. I look forward to reading your comments!



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